We’re a family of surfers, creatives, map makers and storytellers. Our mission is to support global surf communities, inspire travelers and pass down local folklore to future generations.

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My husband, former pro-surfer Jeff Booth and myself, a surf industry design veteran, first met during our time working for Quiksilver. Fourteen years and 2 kids later, we created our first Laguna Beach map t-shirt in 2015, as a fundraising vehicle for our local high school surf team scholarship program. Since then, we’ve evolved the program into a surf shop co-branding venture that expands our reach to all coasts. We are a family biz, with our kids Tess and Travis learning the industry as they go. Thanks for supporting us on our journey in appreciating all we have here in our own backyards

- Melissa Martinez and Jeff Booth


We take our map art very seriously and collaborate with local artists and surf shops to ensure we authentically represent iconic landmarks, pass down local folklore and share surf breaks - without exposing the secret spots. Our hand-illustrated map products celebrate the spirit of our precious surf communities and offer travelers a slice of our culture to take home as a momento. Our website also offers an online journal where you can gain local knowledge on where to find the best coffee, ding repair shop or the tastiest tacos in town.

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Our maps are our brand. Each artist we work with has a love for the ocean and brings their unique signature style to the maps. Because they’re surfers, much research and attention to detail are shown in the lines of the waves, the topography of the area, and the unique icons that shape each coast. When you purchase our products, you're supporting the local artists that custom create them - with a percentage of sales going directly back to them. 

“It doesn’t matter where you come from because those who have love for the ocean are all part of the same family - there’s no surf like home.”